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Say Goodbye to Rodent Worries! Discover the Most Effective and Best Rodent Control Service Team in Perth!

Are you quite frustrated with dealing with the issue related to the rodents? Do not worry! Contact a team like us that is available for pest control for rats and mice and appoint rodent exterminators and your problem will be resolved permanently. RIP Rodent Control Perth is the best service provider when you are looking for rodent pest control in Perth. Our highly skilled mice catcher provides you the amalgamated services under one roof at very affordable rates. Some of the services are- rodent baiting, commercial mice control, roof rat removal, dead rat removal, and many more provided by our top-class mice and rat removal staff. Thus, call us at 08 7184 0835 if you find a rodent infestation at your property and book your rodent treatment.

At our customer’s request, we even offer emergency services for rodent control. Our company provides customer support 24*7. Therefore, in such an emergency you should call us to get the best help possible.

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365 days active
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Desirable outcome
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Modern approach and tools


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Call our team and get the Rodent Control Services like no one does in Perth. We have safety plans for rodent control.


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Rodent Control Perth

Why You Choose RIP Rodent Control Perth Team For Services In Perth

Here at RIP Rodent Control Perth, we provide the best rat pest control. If you are searching for mice control near me or rat control near me, then, our rodent control exterminators are always ready to serve you. We will ensure that you get the finest service possible. Moreover, we have an excellent reputation in the market. So, if you want to get rid of rats then book with us for rat pest control. Other advantages of hiring us are:

  • We are available at your convenience all day and night long.
  • You may receive rodent pest control at very affordable rates, by hiring us.
  • To give you high-quality service, our mice catchers are well-trained and experienced.
  • We will ensure that you will get timely service.
  • Our staff also uses the most effective removal techniques that are both effective and safe.
  • To get rid of rats, our rat exterminators use high-tech advanced methods and machinery.

Our Three Steps Service For
Rodent Control In Perth



The first step is to examine the area from where rodents like mice, and rats are likely to invade your property. Once, the mouse pest control team finishes the inspection process. Then, we provide you with information regarding treatment services to get rid of rodents. You can appoint us for the further process which is treatment service through trained staff.

Treatment Service

Treatment Service

We will provide the best rodent treatment to our customers through the latest methods. Moreover, the spraying used by our team for mice and rodents is 100% authentic and safe. We will help you in case of dead rat removal, or roof rat removal. We also provide prevention tips to our customers for mice control.



Once we eliminate the rodents from your property, we provide you with a follow-up service in the future. Our prevention tips provide protection against rodents. After we complete the treatment, you can sleep soundly knowing that your property is rodent-free.

How We Serve You

It is very easy to organize a rodent control session at any kind of property in Perth. We are available RIP for rodent control in Perth. Here is how we make it easy for you:

Your Request

Your Request

We accept your request by all means like SMS, Email, Call, etc.

Schedule A Session

Schedule A Session

As per our availability, our rodent control team will share the date of the service.

Service Day

Service Day

We will meet you on the service day with all preparations for your needs.

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  • Will there be dead rodents in my house as a result of the treatment?

    The items we employ are intended to increase the rodent’s thirst, causing it to flee the house in search of a freshwater supply. The main difference between utilizing our baits and commercial baits is that our baits are single-feed,’ This means these pests only need a tiny quantity to experience the consequences of thirst, allowing them time to find water. Multi-meal baits found at commercial shops are created such that the mouse needs to consume a big quantity before the poison builds up in their body, and then the pest is unable to move due to swallowing too much, so they eventually die in the attic or ceiling, for instance. This does not imply that it cannot unfold with our top-quality goods, but the odds are greatly decreased.

  • Is there any danger to my dogs from baiting?

    Our specialists always will install traps away from families and dogs, The bait units are key-locked, so we only install them in locations that you as the customer would allow.

  • What can I do to keep rats out?

    To be frank, there isn’t much you can do other than prune trees back from the drainage line by around 2m and avoid having any webbing or creepy crawlies against your property, which are called in the business as ‘rat ladders.’ To give an insight, mice only require a 5 to 6mm opening to get access to any place, however, rats require around a 12mm gap, or as we term it ‘the rule of thumb.’ Not to add that they are excellent hikers.

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