How Rodents Can Create Problems Under Your Concrete

How Rodents Can Create Problems Under Your Concrete

Rodents can cause a significant problem for homeowners and businesses, especially when they start digging and burrowing under concrete structures. A mouse or rat infestation can lead to substantial damage to concrete foundations, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. In this blog, we will discuss the problems rodents can cause under concrete and what can be done to prevent it.

Gnawing and Burrowing

One of the most common problems caused by rodents under concrete is gnawing and burrowing. Mice and rats have sharp teeth that can gnaw through almost any material, including concrete. This can create holes and cracks in the concrete that can weaken its structure and cause it to collapse. Additionally, rodents can burrow into concrete to create tunnels and nesting sites, which can cause further damage and weaken the concrete’s stability.

Chewing on Wires and Pipes

Rodents are notorious for chewing on anything they can get their teeth on, including electrical wires and pipes. When they start gnawing on wires and pipes under concrete, it can create a dangerous situation, leading to fires, electrical outages, and leaks in the pipes. This can result in costly repairs and damage to the home or business.

Health Concerns

Rodents are carriers of diseases and parasites, and their urine and faeces can create health hazards for people and pets. When rodents start burrowing under concrete, they can contaminate the soil and water supply with their waste, leading to potential health problems for anyone in the area.

Rodents Can Create Problems Under Your Concrete


There are several methods for preventing rodents from causing problems under concrete. One of the most effective ways is to eliminate access points, such as holes and cracks in the foundation, walls, and roof. Sealing these areas will prevent rodents from getting inside and causing damage.

Another solution is to use humane traps to catch and relocate rodents. This will help to eliminate the population and prevent further damage to the concrete.

Rodents can cause significant problems under concrete structures, including gnawing and burrowing, chewing on wires and pipes, and potential health hazards. It is important to take steps to prevent these issues, such as sealing access points and using humane traps to catch and relocate the rodents. If you suspect you have a rodent problem under your concrete, it is essential to seek the help of a professional pest control company to ensure the problem is effectively and safely resolved.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents?

effective methods for getting rid of rodents and preventing their return.

Seal Entry Points

The first step in getting rid of rodents is to eliminate their access to your home or business. Rodents can squeeze through small gaps and cracks, so it’s essential to inspect your property and seal any potential entry points. This includes sealing holes in walls, foundations, roofs, and around pipes and cables.

Store Food Properly

Rodents are attracted to food, so it’s essential to store it properly. Keep all food in airtight containers and regularly clean up any spills or crumbs. Store pet food in containers, and avoid leaving food out overnight.

Use Traps

Traps are an effective way to catch and remove rodents from your property. There are several types of traps available, including snap traps, live traps, and glue traps. When using traps, place them near areas where you have seen rodent activity and regularly check and dispose of any trapped rodents.

Use Repellents

There are several natural and chemical repellents available that can help to keep rodents away from your property. Some of the most popular natural repellents include peppermint oil, vinegar, and citrus. Chemical repellents, such as those containing naphthalene, can also be effective but should be used with caution, as they can be toxic to pets and children.

Eliminate Harborage

Rodents need a place to nest, so it’s essential to eliminate any potential harborage sites on your property. This includes cleaning up piles of debris, trimming back overgrown vegetation, and removing any unused items from your yard.

Professional Pest Control

If you have a severe rodent problem or are unable to get rid of the rodents on your own, it may be necessary to seek the help of a professional pest control company. A professional pest control company can assess the extent of the problem and provide a tailored solution to effectively eliminate the rodents and prevent their return.

Rodents can be a significant problem for homeowners and businesses, but there are several methods for getting rid of them. By sealing entry points, storing food properly, using traps and repellents, eliminating harborage sites, and seeking the help of a professional pest control company if necessary, you can effectively get rid of rodents and prevent their return.

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