• The items we employ are intended to increase the rodent’s thirst, causing it to flee the house in search of a fresh water supply. The main difference between utilizing our baits and commercial baits is that our baits are single feed,’ this means these pests only need a tiny quantity to experience the consequences of thirst, allowing them time to find water. Multi meal baits found at commercial shops are created such that the mouse needs to consume a big quantity before the poison builds up in their body, and then the pest is unable to move due to swallowing too much, so they eventually die in the attic or ceiling, for instance. This does not imply that it cannot unfold with our top-quality goods, but the odds are greatly decreased.

  • Our specialists always will install traps away from families and dogs, the bait units are key locked, so we only install them in locations that you as the customer would allow.

  • To be frank, there isn’t much you can do other than prune trees back from the drainage line by around 2m and avoid having any webbing or creepy crawlies against your property, which are called in the business as ‘rat ladders.’ To give an insight, mice only require a 5 to 6mm opening to get access to anyplace, however rats require around 12mm gap, or as we term it ‘the rule of thumb.’ Not to add that they are excellent hikers.